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Good morning Deviant Art,

today I am posting some sketches from around town that I drew during a Sketch Crawl with fellow artists and students in San Francisco. Good times were had by all and the weather was perfect - which is not always the case in Fog City. You can see them posted in the new City Sketches folder to the left.
Illustrator Cedric Hohnstadt has declared March "Sketchbook Month" and is inviting any and all to participate. Check out his blog over at: to see the other entries.
They've got everyone from newcomers in the field to veterans who've worked on books, magazines and animated movies.
I updated my new website today with some snazzy new content. You can check out the intro I boarded after watching "Teen Titans" and some life drawing models not currently posted on deviantART. Check it out at:
I had a weird and unusual week this week. However, a bright spot was that I received my portfolio requirements for art school today. They're what I was expecting and have been working on, and I have two weeks to finish in order to turn everything in early. I am excited about this. Woo hoo!
I've been taking three life drawing classes a week for the past month now. They are going quite well. I can tell that my skills are improving. Awesome. Also, I've been preparing for art school - goal now is Fall 2009.
It's unseasonably warm right now, which is awesome. I'll actually be able to take a stroll outside without becoming the human popsicle, which is always fabulous.

In other news, saw Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, at Flashback Wednesday. Everyone was so young and thin back then. Also, Ed Catmull of Pixar fame worked on the film, as did Los Alamos research center, which explains why the computer graphics still look great after over 20 years.

R.I.P. Ricardo Montalban.
I went to three count 'em THREE life drawing classes this week. *Pats self on back.*
I am enjoying working on my draftsmanship. I am one step closer to getting into art school.
Also posted some new cryptids in the gallery so please check 'em out. Will have even more monster goodness next week.
I started rez one today: exercise!
I went to the little gym and worked on the ski machine. Go me. Goal is to do that everyday. I have confidence I can accomplish this.

Goal 2 is to draw more often. But that goes without saying...